About Us


York Breast Friends was set up in April 2014, in response to a lack of non-medical based support for patients with a breast cancer diagnosis in the York area.Our co-founders, Zoe & Rachel, both gained amazing support from an online forum and Rachel was Zoe’s face to face support after Zoe received her diagnosis just 14 months after Rachel’s own diagnosis. They both realised the importance of the peer support they received and that they were in a position to provide the same support for others in the same situation.

Our Aim

Our Board of Trustees work hard to provide support to those who have had a breast cancer diagnosis at any point in their life. The aim is to provide a safe, supportive environment in which people feel supported, throughout their cancer diagnosis and treatment and beyond. With the support of the Breast Care Nurses and a variety of breast cancer charities, our meetings are determined by the needs of the women currently attending the group. No two meetings will be the same. One month we could be chatting whilst drinking coffee and eating cake (a common theme throughout our groups) and the next, we could be doing a Hula Hooping Class.

Our members have found that it is possible to talk to people with cancer in a way that is almost impossible to talk to family and friends and so the group provides a valuable support mechanism where connections are forged and lifelong friendships are made, providing ongoing support.

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