What we stand for

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The flowers in our logo symbolise who we are, what we represent and  what we are trying to achieve.



YBF-Flower-cut-out-4Delphinium – Infinite possibility. We believe that and are proof of the fact that anything is possible.



YBF-Flower-cut-out-1Gerbera – Cheerfulness. We aim to achieve this by providing a comfortable and friendly, sociable environment where members are free to be who they are, scars and all.



YBF-Flower-cut-out-7Iris – Friendship. Friendship has come to mean so much to all of us and is important both during and after treatment.



YBF-Flower-cut-out-3Bouvardia Double – Enthusiasm, Zest for Life. We foster this by embracing our past experiences and encouraging new and varied experiences.



YBF-Flower-cut-out-5 Rose -Confidentiality. All details and information is treated with confidentiality. We expect all of our members to respect that and your details will never be passed on without permission from you.

Lilac Rose- Captivating & Enchanting. We see this in all of our members.


YBF-Flower-cut-out-2Pink Rose – Joy/Grace, Admiration, Happiness. All of our members are admired for their determination and the joy and happiness they bring to other members of the group.

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