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“Having that face-to-face support just after diagnosis, from people who had already been there and survived, was what gave me the determination and positivity I needed to start my treatment journey with a smile on my face.” Zoe


It’s so good to be able to get together with people who understand what you’re going through. I found the group welcoming and supportive; where you can share your feelings over a coffee and cakes. It’s so important to know you are not alone.” Karen


“No matter how fantastic friends are, I had a need to speak to someone who has experienced similar or the same things as I have and this helps me so much . The lingerie evenings and other activities are just a huge bonus.” Ang


“The thought of daily radiotherapy was quite daunting – but accepting support from people gave encouragement and enabled me to develop a positive view of the treatment. Being able to put worries on the group’s chat page was a real benefit especially as we all try to hold things in! Thanks BF’s” Susie


I have not yet met any member of the group one to one but I can say just being part of the group and knowing members will support and advise me gives me such a huge safety net, a feeling there is always someone at the end of a text/email/group communication so I wish to say Thank you” Arlene


“Having a local group of women that have been through breast cancer is a huge support to someone like me who luckily found the group just after my first surgery. Finding out I needed further surgery and chemotherapy was devastating but talking to others who have been through the same thing has been a real lifeline and constant source of advice and information.” Barbara


“I can’t thank the group enough, I’m a new member and haven’t been available to make it to any of the group get togethers but the support I get online is second to none. I know wholeheartedly that if I have a worry or concern, a question or even just a moan, then as soon as I post on the group site then there will soon be replies with advice guidance or simply an understanding ear. Many have said before that friends and family are a must to stay sane but it is so true when it is said its only those that have been dealt the cancer card that can truly understand!! I would recommend to anyone out there going thru breast cancer treatment or those coping with the mixed up feelings post treatment to get on this site, there is always someone willing to lend an ear or give advice. Thank you all for your support and encouragement, it means a lot an helps keep me sane xx” Sheila

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